Growth and succession planning for greener pastures

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“After years of running this business, I want to grow and make concrete plans for the future. But regional businesses are tricky and I need strategies that the family can implement together”

Farmers and businesses in regional Australia face unique challenges. And getting a lawyer involved can feel scary — especially when it comes to family.

After all, what good is growth and succession planning that doesn’t put the family relationship at its core?

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For regional farmers and business owners who want to take action so they can stop stressing and secure their legacy

With over a decade of specialist experience in farm and succession planning, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how I can help:

Get ready to make growth-focused decisions about your business — or finally lock down a succession plan for your farm. It doesn’t have to take ages. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

With flexible hours and virtual consulting, peace of mind is (quite literally) at your fingertips

The biggest problem with agribusiness and succession planning is making sure all the key players are on board. No wonder it feels overwhelming. The stakes are high.

But if you want to secure a prosperous future for your business, you need opportunity-focused legal services — not just another lawyer who is only focused on mitigating risk within your current business model.

With a business-focused lawyer in your corner, you won’t miss out on all the opportunities that go hand in hand with agribusiness and family farming.

If you want peace of mind, you need a clear understanding of your options.

When it comes to regional businesses, there are no cookie-cutter solutions. But I’m here to make the most of your assets and help you create a secure future for you and your family. 

Farm and agribusiness peace of mind starts with a single step.

Expert advice. Pragmatic support. Wherever you are.

Together we’ll create a future for your family that supports what’s best for everyone. As a member of the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals, it’s my mission to support growth, longevity, and positive outcomes in rural, regional, and remote businesses.

The old days are over

Despite a love of classical music and a range of ‘old-timey’ hobbies (any English paper piecing enthusiasts in the house?) I’m a huge fan of technology when it comes to my law practice.

In fact, technology makes access to expert legal advice more accessible, more inclusive, and less costly

And I’m over the moon about it. Dealing with an online law firm has got stacks of benefits.
Without the usual invoice-padding back and forth of a traditional law firm, you’ll come to a positive resolution in less time.
An easy online system puts you in charge — provide information on your terms and meet with your lawyer on your schedule.

Clear, value-based and fixed fee packages mean you’ll know my fees up front.

No surprises.

I’m Claudia Maw

Since 2011, I’ve specialised in areas of law that affect rural, regional, and remote communities. I have a unique mix of pragmatism, compassion, broad knowledge, and experience.

As the first regional lawyer member of Collaborative Professionals WA in the Wills and Estates space, my practice, Demeter Legal, is an online law practice built on communication and collegiality. Creating a relationship with your family based on trust and empathy is my first priority. And I follow that up with great results.

With intricate knowledge of succession planning, deceased estates, commercial and property law, I’m a trusted advisor for businesses and families across Western Australia.

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Proactive, pragmatic, legal support for regional families

Stop worrying about the future of your business. Stop stressing about how farm succession will affect the family.

Get the expert advice you need for pure peace of mind.