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Your family tree has deep roots

Multigenerational farming businesses have a rich history in Australia. But a succession plan sketched on a bit of kitchen roll is a recipe for disaster—no matter how much trust the family has for one another.

Bottom line? Farming businesses in regional Australia face unique challenges. And getting a lawyer involved can feel scary—especially when it comes to family.

Succession planning doesn’t have to be scary

With proper legal advice, you can plan for continuity, boost family unity, and empower the next generation to step into a prosperous future.

Fortify the family farm with fixed-fee Wills, estate and succession planning

The Farm Succession Plan

When it comes to family farms, succession and estate planning, and deceased estates, one-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t exist. Guided by Collaborative Practice principles, we’ll create a plan that centres family relationships and works for everyone.

Your comprehensive plan includes:

  • A valid Will, including special wishes, plans, or final arrangements
  • Corporate Power of Attorney 
    • Legal nomination of a person to act on your behalf on business matters
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
    • Legal nomination of a person or organisation to make financial decisions on your behalf
  • Enduring Power of Guardianship
    • Legal nomination of a person to make medical, personal, or lifestyle decisions for you if you can’t do it for yourself
  • Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination
    • Instructions for how your superannuation should be distributed
  • Full review of business documents
    • Including Trusts, Constitutions, Self-managed Superannuation Funds, and financials)
  • Business Succession Agreement
    • A plan that outlines who will take over your business if you die or become incapacitated
  • Letter of Wishes to Executor

No fee surprises—ever

The Farm Succession Plan—for one $3,080*

The Farm Succession Plan—for two $3,850*

Optional extra: Testamentary Trusts ($880 individual | $1,210 couple)*

*Prices include GST. Payment plans available.

With flexible hours and virtual consulting, peace of mind is (quite literally) at your fingertips

With a focus on collaborative succession planning, we’ll find the most peaceful way to position your family for a secure future.

Not only that, this online law firm’s got stacks of benefits:

Without the usual invoice-padding back and forth of a traditional law firm, you’ll come to a positive resolution in less time.

An easy online system puts you in charge — provide information on your terms and meet with your lawyer on your schedule.

Clear, value-based and fixed-fee packages mean you’ll know my fees up front.
No surprises.

Expert advice. Pragmatic support. Wherever you are.

Fixed-fee services mean you’ll get the support you need to get the job done—without watching the clock. As a member of the Australian Association of Collaborative Professionals, it’s my mission to support growth, longevity, and positive outcomes for rural, regional, and remote families.

Collaborative Practice in estate planning identifies potential conflicts and works to address them before someone dies. No matter how complicated your situation, I’m here to help with judgement-free support and a network of collaborative professionals who have the same goals you do.

I’m Claudia Maw

Since 2011, I’ve specialised in areas of law that affect rural, regional, and remote communities. I have a unique mix of pragmatism, compassion, broad knowledge, and experience.

As the first regional lawyer member of Collaborative Professionals WA in the Wills and Estates space, my practice, Demeter Legal, is an online law practice built on communication and collegiality. Creating a relationship with your family based on trust and empathy is my first priority. And I follow that up with great results.

With intricate knowledge of succession planning, deceased estates, commercial and property law, I’m a trusted advisor for businesses and families across Western Australia.

Online law firm Australia owner Claudia Maw sitting at table with books

Farm succession peace of mind starts with a single step